I hate to sound like I am celebrating prematurely but today I’m really proud of the progress I have made in my publishing schedule. I know it’s only early days but so far I have published daily for the last 9 days. When I started this daily blog, I knew that writing every day was a tall order and I was concerned that life would justifiably get into the way and I would fall completely off the bandwagon.

For context, the real reason why I started writing daily, besides sharing my thoughts and hopefully inspiring you all was to build confidence in my writing skills. Confidence comes competence and competence is built by doing. So here I am typing away in my keyboard every single day and I can feel my confidence growing inch by inch with every keystroke.

Do I sometimes feel like I have bitten more than I can choose? Yes? Do I always know what to write every day? No. That said, this is where the growth happens. Now that I am getting consistent, I am starting to build systems around this so I can make my life easier. You always want to start systemising and automating things once have a proof of concept. I feel like sometimes we make things so complicated and never start. Start now and figure things out as you go. Once you have a good thing going you can always optimise it.

Moving on I want, I want to have a clear focus on my daily updates. I’m thinking more around sharing some of the things I’m learning or the big aha moments that I feel could be of value. Maybe even some of the interesting projects I am working on. Or I could just keep things as random as they’ve been. Time will tell. I’m at that point of the game where I’m starting to really enjoy writing these updates and have no intention of stopping.

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