One of my projects this week was to fully dive into journalling. I started off by narrowing down the journaling method(s) and apps to use. I chose the 5-minute journal as the structured method for daily journaling and Bear as my app of choice.

My main motivation for diving headfirst into journalling is mental clarity and daily productivity. In researching, I also came across the Morning pages journalling processes created by Julia Cameron and in her book The Artist Way and popularised by Tim Ferris.

In a nutshell, with Morning Pages Journalling, you write 3 pages every day about what is on your mind. The author calls it tapping to the stream on consciousness. You just write everything: the good or bad without filtering or editing. Whatever you write on the journal will never be published or shared with anyone. This is writing for the sake of dumping what’s on your mind. As a matter of fact, you could rip the pages off the notebook and throw them away if you are concerned about the sensitivity.

I tried that yesterday and while it felt strange at first, I cannot believe how much clarity I felt at the end of the process. There is this nagging business idea that I was not sure how to progress with and writing down gave me the next steps. I was able to put some words to some emotions that had hanging on the back of my mind. I cannot recommend this process enough why don’t you give it a go?

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