In today’s update, I would love to share a trick I’ve recently learnt that’ll boost your productivity and so that you create sustained output and tackle big goals over a long period of time. For context, I’m currently halfway through Tiago Forte’s Building a Second Brain Cohort 11 program. This is arguably the best productivity training in the world, well the best I’ve encountered anyway.

Today, I learnt a concept that changed everything I know about getting work done and especially big projects. My friend, let me introduce you to a concept Tiago refers to as “Intermediate packets”. Once you understand what this is, it’ll change the way you approach project forever.

The challenge with the way we approach projects is that we are mostly working on it as as one big lump of work where you deliver value at the end of it. What Tiago recommend is strategically structuring your work in a series of intermedia packets.

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To Quote “Instead of delivering one big lump of value at the very end, you stage your progress in a series of short, intense sprints, ending each one with a tangible, intermediate deliverable, like a set of notes, a brainstorm, a series of examples, an outline, a prototype, or a draft.”

Try and restructure your project and ideas with this paradigm and notice the difference. Here is the link to the original article if you want to dig into this more.

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