In my last update, I talked about the power of daily reflection and eluded to journalling as being one of the best ways to reflect and capture your thoughts and insights. One of my project this week was to narrow down the journalling app and methodology and get going.

I’m happy to report that I’ve made some strides in the process. I have narrowed down a journalling methodology and app to start trailing over the next 30 days. Now, before I delve into what I chose, let me back up a little bit and share how I arrived at the conclusion.

With the journalling methodology, I was looking for one that is widely adopted and easy for me to follow through. The worst thing you can do when starting something is complicate things. I also wanted a methodology that’s conclusive in the area it covers.

As far as the app goes, I was looking for ease of use, access across a different devices and platforms and a sensible annual costs. I looked journalling specific apps and wells as generic not taking apps that could be adopted for journalling.

I’m happy to report that after careful consideration I have chosen to adopt The Five Minute Journal methodology popularized by Tim Ferris. I chose it because it’s a simple process yet very compressive in terms of what it covers.

For the journaling app, I evaluated journalling specific apps like Day One, Momento and Journey Cloud. In the end, I have decided to go with a generating note-taking app called Bear. I choose a generic app because I wanted as much flexibility as possible. I found Bear very clean, quit easy to use and the annual cost is quite walled friendly.

I’ll report in another 30 days on how I go with this apps and journaling process.

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