One of the biggest blessings in disguise from this COVID pandemic is that it’s forced a lot of us to really slow down and reflect on our lives.  Just about every aspect of business, career and personal life has been disrupted. I saw a quote at the start of that really shaped the way I’ve been approaching life during these interesting times. The message is simple “Never let a crisis go to waste”.

Never let a crisis go to waste

I’ve had a lot of time to reflect and one of my resolutions has the decision to create more than I consume. What I mean by this is that rather than being the guy just reading, listening to or watching other people’s content, I’ll become a creator. It’s time for me to share my ideas and thoughts and be part of the educating, entertaining and empowering others through great content. As a result, my blog is finally active and a podcast is on its way.

Here’s is a big epiphany that’s struck me lately: We have most of the answers to challenges or opportunities in our lives but rather than look inwardly, we are always seeking external sources hoping for solutions. The key to accessing those answers that lie inside of us is applying the power of daily reflection. How do you do that? You guess it, journalling.

I’ve been meaning to get into consistent daily journalling for a while but have never built the discipline and practice. This week, one of my projects is to narrow down the journalling apps to use and journal every single day.  I’ll update you all on how I go with the process in a month’s time.

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