To celebrate our son’s 3 months mini-birthday, we decided to do a family drive down one of South Australia’s most popular wine regions, McLaren Vale. We actually had different plans at the beginning of the day but the weather had its own ideas.  There is something about taking some time to have a break. As I write this, I feel very refreshed and full of perspective.

As long as I can remember, I have always had a very skewed relationship with work. I am a compulsive workaholic who struggles with taking time off and just “doing nothing”. While the virtue of hard work has got me this far, the arrival of my son has taught to enjoy the simple moments. The little champion is growing so fast that I feel like I will miss out if I blink.

Being a dad is teaching me to be more mindful, to appreciate rest, being mentally present and just being still. There’s more to life than ticking things off your checklist. Take time to rest and recover and above all, remember to celebrate the little accomplishments and milestones before you waltz on to the next challenge.

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