As pen this, I’m sitting here at the outdoor area of one of my favourite cafes in Adelaide, Jibbi & CO. The sun is out but not too hot and I’m enjoying the music from my noise-cancelling earphones, sipping on a caffeine-free chai tea and watching people get about their lives. My wife is catching up with one of her work colleagues who’ve come home to see our baby. There’s no housework to attend to and so this gives me a guilt-free hour to just chill and reflect.

This morning we attended our usual Sunday service and the pastor spoke a message that struck a chord with something I’ve been contemplating about in the last few months. He talked about starting when not ready.  See since we became parents 3 months ago, I’ve come to appreciate that you’ll never be fully ready for the full extent of the great things that are coming to your life.

The paster shared a number of stories of great conquests where the characters stepped up to the challenge, with the decks stacked against them and without having a clear roadmap of what would happen. 2020, has clearly not been the year most of us expected. It’s the year that’s taught us that even the best-laid plans can ultimately fail, the things we’ve always had and taken for granted can be snatched away from us and the everything we’ve put our security and hope on can ultimately crumble. 

Like you, I have many goals that scare me. I would love to take my time to figure things out until I’m 100% sure..especially for things I’ve tried in the past that ended badly. We just need to start the process and trust that the dots will connect. Whatever big thing that’s standing on your way, make a start today. Take just one step. Trust in your ability to learn and figure things and the dots will connect.

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