Alright, Seth Godin, I finally get the point…you are right.

If I am ever going to have a fraction of the impact you’ve had on me and millions of other professionals across the globe, I might as well take your advice and follow it verbatim.

If you are in the marketing or business world, you’ve probably experienced the amazing work of Seth Godin.

One big habit that has contributed to Seth’s success as a writer and content producer is his habit of daily writing. The man publishes something every day on his blog…every single day.

It’s not about publishing perfect content but the actual act of publishing.

I’ve got plans to write books one day and create an impact with my writing, but I keep procrastinating and never publishing.

So today is a fork on the road moment, I am committing to publishing something every single day.

The longest journey starts with a single step and this is hopefully my step forward to more detailed articles, ebook, books and other forms of written content will have an impact on my audience.

Wish me luck.

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